Guide to Choosing Hot Sauce Bottles

As a hot sauce maker, one of the most challenging decisions is picking the best hot sauce bottles. There are so many factors you need to consider when choosing the hot sauce bottle. From the size, shape, and weight of the bottle.

The best type of bottle to use for your hot sauce should be from 5 oz to 10 oz. Although they are considered to be the most expensive bottles, they are more recognized as sauce bottles. Whether you are new to this hot sauce business or just upgrading your hot sauce bottles, this guide to choosing hot sauce bottles will come in handy.

Types of Hot Sauce Bottles

Swing top glasses

This bottle has a rubber stopper at the top of the bottle making it easy to seal. It comes in different shapes and sizes and it could be more expensive because of its design and manufacture.

Beer bottle

This is rarely used but if you are making a hot sauce infused with a beer, this type of bottle is recommended.

Glass stout

A glass stout has a short neck with a wide mouth making it for your customers to pour easily. If your hot sauce has a beefy thick flavor, then I recommend this bottle.

Syrup bottle containers

This is s distinct type of bottle and majorly represents sweet hot sauces. Its unique design will make your hot sauce stand out in those grocery stores.

Top Guide to Choosing Hot Sauce Bottles

As you walk down the grocery store aisle, you will see the different hot sauces bottled in beautiful and unique bottles. The way they are marketed shows how much effort has been put into the bottle decision. There are so many types of bottles to sell your hot sauce from. For the packaging of hot sauces, food bottles are made of both glass and plastic which have different closure caps and bottle mouths.

Secondly, you want to look around different shops, check their prices and compare them. Don’t feel pressured to purchase a bottle that is over your budget but still don’t compromise the quality of your hot sauce bottle.

Thirdly, you need to know which size bottle you will use. The amount to put in the bottle will determine what size of the bottle will be used for your hot sauce. You can have like 2 or 3 different sizes for customers to choose from. If you are starting, you can start with 2 sizes (250ml and 500ml) before introducing the 1-litre bottle.

The fourth guide is to look at the different shapes the hot sauce bottles have. There is a wide variety of shapes that the hot sauce bottles come with and how you want to showcase them will be determined by this factor. Even the weight of the bottle is significant. It doesn’t make sense to choose a 5 oz bottle that heavy even before you add your spicy sauce in.


The price of creating, manufacturing, and packaging a hot sauce for sale might influence many of your decisions as a new hot sauce entrepreneur. Consider the initial cost carefully when selecting a bottle style because packaging a spicy sauce will already be one of the higher costs.



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